Dear JaSMinBerlin WLIT,

Today, Dec. 2, usually would have been our last meeting for the year, probably we would have done something fitting for this time of the year, some variation of our beloved Nikola_us event.

We would have loved to see you all, to enjoy our kinky exchanges – in theory and more hands-on – would have liked to talk about topics for next year … but everything is still very different from usual. As in the past months we can‘t say when it will be possible to resume our JaSMin meetings. All that we enjoy about JaSMinBerlin and what makes our meetings so special – big groups with facilitated discussions, hands-on workshops to learn and try out new stuff with changing partners – all of this is impossible in these current conditions, in this pandemic. Reason, caution and thoughtfulness take priority.

If you miss kinky discussions drop by our group on fetlife (the social network for kinksters):
We would love to see you there, read about how you keep the kinky spirit alive or what you miss dearly whether there are/which strategies help you get through when the yearning for everything missing in these times gets too much.

Stay safe and we hope you all get through this okay! We miss you and hope we will all be able to get together again sometime next year.

See you there,
yours the JaSMinBerlin-Orga