When will there ever be a JaSMinBerlin meeting again?

Dear JaSMinBerlin WLITs,

Unbelievable that our last JaSMinBerlin meeting was one and a half years ago. And we sympathize will all (ourselves included) missing our monthly get-together! But from the orga perspective we sadly came to the conclusion that the resumption of our meetings will still have to wait.

As you probably know, Quälgeist is offering events again. And we have been asked regularly if we wanted to start our meetings again.

But the heart of those – the big facilitated discussions, the hands-on workshops to try out stuff, get to know each other, with spontaneous teaming up and switching up – seems (still) impossible to realize right now. But we do not want to change the open concept and thus the heart of what JaSMinBerlin is (not even as a temporary solution). It just wouldn’t be the same.

Even with the “3G” (tested, vaccinated or recovered + registration/signing-in) the rules of mask wearing, keeping your distance and restricted numbers of persons/households per table still apply. Under theses circumstances even our round table discussions would be impossible as we would be unable to hear each other with the distance we had to keep and the masks, plus there’s the absurd magnitude of space we would require. Workshops would simply be unthinkable.

As the orga we weighed the pros and cons every time the Quälgeist asked but always came to the same conclusion: we can’t imagine to hold JaSMinBerlin meetings under the pandemic conditions. And so we declined every time although regretfully.

Essentially, we do wish for a comeback of JaSMinBerlin with discussions and workshops and hope that in the long run the situation will change so that we will be able to start JaSMinBerlin again. Because we do miss our monthly meetings and all of you!

Looking forward to that time,
yours the JaSMinBerlin-Orga