Dear JaSMinBerlin WLIT,

March 2021 already, meaning our last meeting in person took place exactly one year ago – mind-boggling!
In March 2020, we had a workshop (Getting in Touch, Literally, To Start Your Scene!) upstairs at the BDSM-Lounge while downstairs we were talking about Easter Conference 2020 and if canceling it wouldn’t be the wise idea looking at the developing situation … And probably nobody thought we wouldn’t see each other again for a year – and even longer.

How are you? How are you getting through these times?

In these past months we considered offering JaSMinBerlin meetings in a digital format as a substitute / small consolation for the real meetings. But every platform we looked at couldn’t settle our doubts about talking kink on non-kinky platforms. So our decision remains the same and we will not offer JaSMinBerlin in a digital format. But we do dare to hope that things will continue to develop in a positive way allowing us to meet again at some point this year.

In this spirit: we miss you and we’re looking forward to seeing you again! And meanwhile we’d love to read from you. 🙂
If you miss kinky discussions drop by our group on fetlife (the social network for kinksters):

Best wishes,
your JaSMinBerlin-Orga