01 April 2020 – Kinky Myths

Important: different venue!
Sadly, Quälgeist has to cancel all events for the time being due to pending official licences. Quälgeist + Siegessäule 2018-10-30 + 2019-10-01

For our meeting at April 1th we were able to book the BDSM-Lounge!

BDSM-Lounge vom Fetisch Hof e.V.
Kirchhofstraße 44, 12055 Berlin (S+U station Neukölln)
Day membership for the club: 10,- Euro (new 2019)
Drinks at the bar only (you are not allowed to bring your own drinks).
2 floors with the bar area on the ground floor (where we’ll meet) and a play area upstairs, that night exclusively for JaSMinBerlin = WLIT, no dresscode.
Depending on the workshop, the play space will be used as workshop space or will be free for private plays.
Smoking is forbidden at the bar as well as the play area.
But a space for smokers is provided.
More info to follow.

The usual play area upstairs is completely open for PRIVATE PLAYS.
The WORKSHOP takes place downstairs in the sofa corner.
There are also some seats at the bar.

Kinky Myths

Within the kinky community we do have myths. They come in the (leather draped) guise of experience or they are just naked prejudice. Some get scared because of them others get their hopes up – no matter what expectations will be dashed.
And we‘re all part of that: experienced and newbie, people of the scene and those who have never been part of the scene or have been absent for a long time.

Newbies are fresh meat and everyone will pounce on them.
If you out yourself as a newbie no one will play with you.

Kinksters will always have sex when they play.
Kinksters never have sex when they play.

A real top / a real bottom never switches.
Only switches are the real WLIT* / queers.

All kinky WLIT* are polyamorous.
True BDSM is 24/7 and monogamous.

My personal favorite: all kinksters dance tango (or will be at some point) – and vice versa. (Well, at least those that I know …)

Notice something? What are your myths, which versions do you believe in? Why do we make life so hard for ourselves and/or others? Let us collect, compare, understand and demystify!

All are welcome – as always – experienced as well as newbies, explicitly brand-new ones as well as  legends of the scene.
I‘m looking forward to a respectful conversation and tons of humor too. Because WLIT* kinksters enjoy a good laugh – and that is no myth! 😉

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