05 February 2020
Construction site Play-Date. Construction elements

For our meeting we were able to book the BDSM-Lounge!

Sadly, Quälgeist has to cancel all events for the time being due to pending official licences. Quälgeist + Siegessäule 2018-10-30 + 2019-10-01

The upstairs dungeon will be used for the workshop.
It will be available for private play from around 10pm till closing at midnight.

BDSM-Lounge vom Fetisch Hof e.V.
Kirchhofstraße 44, 12055 Berlin (S+U station Neukölln)
Day membership for the club: 10,- Euro (new 2019)
Drinks at the bar only (you are not allowed to bring your own drinks).
2 floors with the bar area on the ground floor (where we’ll meet) and a play area upstairs, that night exclusively for JaSMinBerlin = WLIT, no dresscode.
Depending on the workshop, the play area will be used for the subject or will be free for private plays.
Smoking is forbidden at the bar as well as the play area.
But a space for smokers is provided.
More information to follow.

Construction site Play-Date. Construction elements

You secretly dream of being a kangaroo, of feeling especially strong or especially small, of being chased through all galaxies by a moon princess or of conjuring a very special filigree pattern on the body of another person with a certain object? You always wanted to experience exactly that, that one moment, that one sound, that one feeling, that one dynamic, that one story – but what now? How do we get from this one absolutely overwhelming piece of fantasy to a (at best working) real play?

In this workshop we will deal with the way from fantasy to play. In the first half we will look at where our ideas grow. Where do we find our fantasies, how can we bring them out of the swirling swamp into consciousness and thus make them available to us? In the second part it will be a bit more “crafty” and we will look at how we build our scenes in the first place. How do we start a play, how do we get into the scene and get together with our partner(s)? How do we keep tension arcs, how do we influence the course by integrating feedback? And how do we end our flight together and then land safely back in everyday life and at eye level?

In order to get to the bottom of these questions, we will get to know different methods in small groups in the first part of the evening, which can help us to become aware of and to investigate our fantasies. In the second part of the evening we will have the opportunity to bring in our own experiences and ideas and to learn from the experiences of other participants.

The workshop is aimed at participants with much as well as little playing experience, regardless of the dynamics and roles in which they play. The workshop will be held in German (whispered translation can be arranged on site if necessary).

At the end of the workshop we all hopefully go home with some new impulses for even hotter, more creative and exciting plays and/or enjoy the rich treasure of wonderful dirty fantasies that are still slumbering inside of us!

I look forward to seeing you all!


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