08 January 2020
NEWBIES – Getting In Touch, Literally, To Start Your Scene

The meeting isn’t on the first Wednesday of the month
because of New Year’s Day!

We wish you a happy, relaxed, healthy and last but not least sexy & kinky new year and hope to see you all on 8th January 2020 at the BDSM Lounge!

For our meeting we were able to book the BDSM-Lounge!

Sadly, Quälgeist has to cancel all events for the time being due to pending official licences. Quälgeist + Siegessäule 2018-10-30 + 2019-10-01

The upstairs dungeon will be used for the workshop.
It will be available for private play from around 10pm till closing at midnight.

BDSM-Lounge vom Fetisch Hof e.V.
Kirchhofstraße 44, 12055 Berlin (S+U station Neukölln)
Day membership for the club: 10,- Euro (new 2019)
Drinks at the bar only (you are not allowed to bring your own drinks).
2 floors with the bar area on the ground floor (where we’ll meet) and a play area upstairs, that night exclusively for JaSMinBerlin = WLIT, no dresscode.
Depending on the workshop, the play area will be used for the subject or will be free for private plays.
Smoking is forbidden at the bar as well as the play area.
But a space for smokers is provided.
More information to follow.

NEWBIES – Getting In Touch, Literally, To Start Your Scene

This hands-on workshop is about ways to start your scene through physical contact, stroking, touching, inflicting pain with your hands.

I’ll demonstrate how you can sense your partner’s mood and dynamic at the beginning of a scene to then continue to play with that. By exploring the body with our hands we can read our partner’s reactions not only in their face but also in their movements and see if it is a nice feeling, beautifully painful or even touching their limits. Some areas are more sensitive than others and we can take advantage of that.

Newbies – beginners as well as those starting to play in a new role – are especially encouraged to take part. All roles (top, bottom, switch) are welcome as well as those who are (still) undecided. You can participate alone as well as with a partner. You’re invited to experiment and/or simply to listen and watch.

Looking forward to seeing you,

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