04 December 2019 -Kinky Nikola_us*
An Evening of Entertaining Games and a Swap Shop

For Nikola_us* we‘re planning an entertaining evening on literally all levels.

Downstairs: swap shop.
Upstairs: Fun with candles, twigs of evergreens and gift ribbons.
Private plays will also be possible upstairs.
Bar area: Just enjoying the evening apart from everything going on will be possible as well. 😉

Downstairs: Swap Shop & Chilling Out

The end of the year is getting closer no matter what the weather out there is doing. So how about some early kinky gifts at our Nikola_us* evening?
Do you have kinky clothes you don‘t wear anymore or toys you didn’t use for way too long? But they are too valuable to just throw out? Then now is your chance to find a new home for them where they’ll be appreciated and will be put back to good use! And of course you’ll have the chance to find something exciting for yourself as well.
Everybody bringing along something from their kinky stock (cleaned and desinfected of course, ready to go) will present their treasures in the introductory round. After that, there will be time for further inspection of the goods, to chat and decide what you like and what you would like to give to whom. And who knows you might even find someone to test the newly acquired toys or fetish-wear with.

Upstairs: Stations With Candles, Evergreen Twigs and Gift Ribbons

There will be three stations in the upstairs play area with materials for: wax play, whipping of a different kind, colorful ribbons for fun-bondage! From experience we know there will always be those around who enjoy experimenting with stuff and others who love to demonstrate and explain and will invite you for some fun lessons.

And of course there will be room for private play as well.

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