06 February – two events running simultaneously
– Workshop for newbies as a closed event
– Codes of Conduct and Rules at our FLIT Kinky Scene

This evening, there will be NO play spaces available.

Important: different venue!
Sadly, Quälgeist has to cancel all events for the time being due to pending official licences. https://www.quaelgeist.sm +  Siegessäule online

For our meeting at February 6th we were able to book the BDSM-Lounge!

BDSM-Lounge vom Fetisch Hof e.V.
Kirchhofstraße 44, 12055 Berlin (S+U station Neukölln)
Day membership for the club: 10,- Euro (new 2019)
Drinks at the bar only (you are not allowed to bring your own drinks).
2 floors with the bar area on the ground floor (where we’ll meet) and a play area upstairs, that night exclusively for JaSMinBerlin = WLIT, no dresscode.
Depending on the workshop, the play area will be used for the subject or will be free for private plays.
Smoking is forbidden at the bar as well as the play area.
But a space for smokers is provided.

On February 6th we’re running two parallel events:

1) The workshop for newbies as a closed event
“Closed event” means that after the start of the workshop there will be no more admittance, so that we can create a safe space for participants. So it will not be possible to join the workshop at a later point – of course, leaving the workshop will be possible at any time! No registration required, just be on time.

2) Simultaneously, there will be an discssion for all who are not nwe to the scene.
Topic: Codes of Conduct and Rules at our FLIT Kinky Scene

The Workshop: New at the Scene?
First time or kinda new and kinda a lot of questions?!?

Start at 8pm – please be on time! No admittance after the workshop has started!

Maybe you’ve already been to an event or you‘ve got a taste – and now you‘ve got lots of questions? Or there were moments of confusion/irritation – on your part or on the part of others – and now you’d like to know more about the customs and rules of this particular scene/community?

Or you’re wondering what all these words and abbreviations are about that others throw around so naturally?You could, of course, try and do some research on the internet, or you simply join us at this munch and talk to real people!

Experienced members of the community will give an overview about our scene, what makes it so attractive, what kind of behaviour is appreciated and welcome, how we interact and create spaces where we can feel safe to do what we’re enjoying.

What does the community offer – and how can you participate and contribute to make this a space where we all can be comfortable?

We’ll talk about the tried and tested play party rules. Read ahead here: SchMacht Playparty-Agreement

We’ll explain what SSC (safe, sane, consensual) and RACK (risk aware consensual kink) mean, what a „safeword“ is good for, and why it makes sense to know about and use all this stuff for playing. You’ll get a bit of the rundown of what’s happening in the scene (munch, play parties, workshops, etc.), how to get started and find your feet – and of course, you’ll get to ask your questions!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!
Of course, you can simply join us at any JaSMinBerlin meeting, but special events for newbies are rare, so don’t miss up on this opportunity

Discussion: Codes of Conduct and Rules at our FLIT Kinky Scene
Are there too many? Too few? Too old and outdated? Or not respected and abided by enough?
Why do we have those rules for JaSMin and playpartys anyway?
How were they developed? Why are they here? Do you think they are necessary and helpful?
Are they obeyed? By all? If so, why? If not, why not and how not? What happens instead?
What happens when rules are broken? Who is in charge to make sure they are followed? What can we do to make sure they are followed? What do we want to happen?
We would like to collect, experiences, assessments, thoughts and feelings, needs and moods and talk about how we want to move forward from here.

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