JaSMinBerlin meets once a month to talk, experiment, play … or watch.
Most evenings we have a specific topic: either in the form of a theoretical exchange or with the opportunity for practical try-out. You can find our future topics on the left side of this page.

The Berlin get-together JaSMinBerlin has existed for many years in different locations. JaSMinBerlin exists through the people who come to it and who contribute to it. We are an open group for women, lesbians, trans and intersexual people, new members are always welcome.

When: 1st Wednesday of the month 
Location opens at 7 pm.
Discussions/workshops start at 8 pm.
Location closes at 11 pm.
Who: Invited are all women, lesbians, trans and intersex people.
Self-definition applies.
Cis men (people who were assigned male at birth, feel like they are a man and live in a male gender role) are not invited.
Where: UPDATE 20221-01
Quälgeist is open.
Due to the pandemic, there are conditions for entry and stay, which can also change at short notice, so here is a link.
Because of the many necessary reconstructions  here’s where you can support the club.

Quälgeist Berlin e.V.
Lankwitzer Straße 42/43 – 12107 Berlin
Entrance in the passageway to the yard, 1st floor
€ Day membership for the club 8 Euro
exclusively for JaSMinBerlin = FLIT, no dresscode
Depending on the topic we’ll use (a part of) the playspace for workshop or private play.
No smoking in the bar area and in the play space.  Special smoking area provided.

Language and communication

Usually the evening’s topic will be covered in German. However, if there is a need for it, we will conduct the evening bi-lingual. From our experience there is always someone who will translate (into English). We make a special effort to communicate in a calm and respectful manner in order to create an atmosphere of esteem. Everyone should have the chance not only to listen and understand but also to speak, to ask and to share experiences.

As you like it

What’s special about our get-togethers are the varied possibilities how to spend the evening. It’s not necessary to be particularily interested in the topic of the evening, it’s also possible to chat privately at the bar or in the smoking room or to find a space for a play in the play area even if there’s a practical topic at the same time.

On the topics

Please note that the topics up for discussion and/or the people who present a topic may change, also on short notice. In that case, for instance if a presenter is ill, we cannot promise that we find replacement and/or that we publish this on the website or on Fetlife. In any case the meeting will take place; if necessary those who attend decide spontaneously how to spend the time together and what inspiration the wonderful Quälgeist location can bring.

Infos on the topics of JaSMinBerlin meetings

The best source for times and detailed infos on the topics of JaSMinBerlin meetings is this website.
Offline, you’ll find us in Siegessäule under “Sex/Quälgeist” and in the small ads section “Frauenlust”.
On fetlife (the social network for kinksters), you’ll find the group for JaSMinBerlin where you can comment and get in touch with others here: JaSMinBerlin on Fetlife


The lesbian-queer BDSM scene desires not only sensual encounters but advocates responsible interaction. In order to ensure this, we have discussed “play rules” and established a code of conduct. The current play party agreement is consensus at JaSMinBerlin, as well as at the Easter conference and many other events, please check: SchMacht Playparty-Agreement

Enjoyment & Respect for All
or: Genitals & Visibility

At the beginning of the millennium, kinky lesbians founded this munch. With the passing of time, the door policy developed to what it is now: today, all women, lesbians, trans and inter (WLTI) are invited, self-definition applies.
The goal is for all to feel at ease, together or at least in coexistence. The only way to achieve that is for everyone to accept some restrictions for themselves and have some empathy for others and their situation trusting that this thoughtfulness goes both ways. Respect and fairness lay the ground, plus last but not least the willingness to follow the rules.

Bar no naked genitals (for sanitary reasons also)
as well as in areas for after care or passageways
Playarea Everyone is asked to be considerate of others:
Turn away or look away.
That will impact voyeurism/exhibitionism and peer group feelings, but we do hope it will be a fair compromise for all.
Workshops Please pay attention to the workshop descriptions; when ever possible participants will be divided in smaller groups.
More on that see further down („Collected Experiences and Traditions“ no10)

New at JaSMinBerlin

First time and completely new to JasMinBerlin? Or still feeling like a newbie? Got tons of questions? No matter if you’re new to JaSMinBerlin, or if it’s your first time getting into this whole BDSM thing, or you’ve never done it outside of the comfort of home, or you’re new to the WLIT community – you’re very welcome here! We’re inviting not only total newbies but as well those who are somehow still new and still feel new.
At JaSMinBerlin, we offer evenings especially aimed at new people, just check our calendar or send us an email if there happens to be no info for a specific date.
Of course, you’re very welcometo all JaSMinBerlin meetings!
If you’ve got questions, there’s always someone around happy to talk to you and find useful answers and handy tips.

Other locations and events in Berlin

Aside from JaSMinBerlin and the Internet there are plenty of other locations and events in Berlin.
Many of us regularly go to play parties for WLIT or queers, for example at Quälgeist.

There is also the annual ‘Easter conference’ in Berlin as a non-profit event organised by and for the BDSM-lesbian community: workshops and exchange of information on kinky themes, play parties, sensually shaping the days and nights around Easter together.
2020, 2021 and 2022 have been cancelled because of covid-19.

For more information on the JaSMinBerlin please send an email to kinky@jasminberlin.de

„Collected experience and tradition“

During all the years of JaSMinBerlin regulars have developped a common understanding of many things. We have recently(03_2014) written down the most important points and from now an want to check around every one and a half years if these “traditions” are still valid and up to date.

1. Evenings with topics should be open to all those interested in the topic and also guests who drop by spontaneously. However, the focus of the discussion or practical try out should be on the chosen topic.
2. During evenings with a „theoretical“ topic we discuss – independent of body posture or position – at eye level During evenings with a more “practical” approach every kind of dynamic is possible.
3. The current play party agreement SchMacht Play-Party-Agreements is consensus at JaSMinBerlin (see above).
4. Proposing a topic, moderating a topic and having information/expertise concerning a topic are not necessarily related to each other. Everyone can propose a topic without having to moderate it and we can see if a moderator with the possibly necessary expertise can be found.
5. The topics are related to BDSM and focus on aspects that are relevant for lesbians and trans people.
6. We need a short text for each topic for our web site and distribution mailing list. The orga team informs the moderator and helps if necessary with the text and/or gives feedback.
7. We decide the topics for the following moths during specifically announced evenings. It is possible to propose topic in advance per mail, but only the people who are there decide.
8. The orga team can make decisions concerning the content and organisation on a provisional basis and has a veto right in urgent situations. The orga team and all directly concerned can decide if the situation should be discussed at the JaSMinBerlin get-together or not.
9. The decisions concerning JaSMinBerlin are based on open discussion and are made by the people who are present. If possible we announce discussions/evenings when decisions need to be made in advance.



Nudity and Visibility of Genitals

At the beginning of the millennium, kinky lesbians founded this munch. With the passing of time, the door policy developed to what it is now: today, all women, lesbians, trans and inter (WLTI) are invited, self-definition applies.
This door policy includes people with genitals that are perceived as male in the dominant cultural context. The visibility of those in workshops and play scenarios do create intense emotions for many of us.
On October 4th, 2017, diverse positions, opinions and emotional states regarding this topic were presented and discussions in small groups followed to suggest solutions and compromises. Instead of going for a vote we came to an agreement with all present that evening that we are implementing now for a trial period:

JaSMinBerlin in its format is unique in Berlin and as such in a special case. There are different parties with different target groups and door policies but there is only one regular monthly meeting with workshops and an option to play for WLIT.
In the discussion we saw that nobody wishes to exclude or oust anybody – but sadly it can feel that way for everyone. There is not one especially affected group but many even if in different ways. To acknowledge that is important for all.

It became clear that a separation is not what we desire and we would all regret such an outcome. We hope the following compromise will ease the situation for all.
The idea to assign special rooms (what is where allowed/forbidden) or erect privacy screens was discarded as impracticable. Instead of limiting access to certain rooms we want to try and ease the situation for all by acting with consideration and care towards all.
We want for all (WLIT by self-definition) to be able to enjoy themselves be it with each other or next to each other. All should feel invited, welcome and safe. That will only be achieved if all of us accept certain limitations for ourselves and all have empathy for the situations of others and trust that this kind of consideration will go both ways. The foundation for that are respect, fairness and last but not least the willingness to follow the rules.

Looking at the SchMacht Play Party Agreement the following rules came into consideration: 1. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are a reason for many to take part in play parties. It‘s important to apply caution here as well. 2. If a play scene does not meet your personal taste, look away.

Acknowledging that different genitals are not the same the discussion came to the conclusion to mean all equally.
Nevertheless it can not be overlooked, especially regarding the lesbian roots of JaSMinBerlin, that the impact of genitals depending on sexual identity and orientation is not the same. And it is not deniable that not only in everyday life there are differences in the symbolic power regarding dominance and power.
Regarding all genitals as equal at JaSMinBerlin the question of assigning a sex/gender becomes obsolete thus honoring the extension of our audience from lesbians and women to trans and inter.

Bar no naked genitals (for sanitary reasons also)
as well as in areas for after care or passageways
Playarea Naked genitals here only (not at the bar/aftercare spaces)
Everyone is asked to be considerate of others.
Both sides take a step towards each other by turning away:
one side turns away, the other looks away.
Hopefully, that way lesbians and trans/inter all can have fun without feeling bothered / limited.
That will impact voyeurism/exhibitionism and peer group feelings, but we do hope it will be a fair compromise for all.
Workshops what will happen, who is invited, which rules do apply
use small groups if possible
Topics Take these aspects into consideration when choosing topics

All agreed to want to continue these meetings for all WLIT according to the existing door policy. Beyond that, it could be considered to have additional separate meetings for special groups to strengthen our connection.

Big thanks to all who took part and showed the courage to listen to one another, be emphatic to reflect together and develop a compromise. To come together face to face to discuss this sensitive topic has been a benefit for the social competence within our community.